Fashion Getaways: London – Anna Rogoza, Buying Manager


Anna Rogoza

Often billed as the best city in the world, London is a vibrant hub of creativity, history and culture. To celebrate everything the city has to offer, we have asked some key tastemakers and those in the know for their top tips on how to get the most out of the city.

From where to eat, what to see and of course, where to shop, all week we will be sharing our conversations with our chosen experts to offer you some inspiring tips whatever you’re in town for. You can also find everything you need for a stylish city break by shopping our London Edit.

Anna Rogoza is Buying Manager at House of Fraser:Ai?? She shares her insider insights in to what makes London such an amazing city and how to travel to the capital in style;

Where do you go to escape the crowds?

Londonai??i??s green spaces ai??i?? St James Park, London Fields

Where do you head to for the best views?

Tower 42 and The Shard

Linea Glitter Trainers

Linea Glitter Trainers

Whatai??i??s the most important thing in your suitcase?

A good pair of shoes!

When it comes to packing, are you a folder or a roller?


Whatai??i??s the best way to get around in London?

London buses

Where do you go to shop?


Whatai??i??s your top tip when flying?


Kate O'Brien

Hi I'm Kate, in a previous life I was Womenswear Editor but these days you are more likely to find me pouring over a planning calendar than the latest copy of Elle in my role as Online Content Producer. A Northern tourist in London, some of my favourite things in life include red wine, chutney (accompanied by cheese), sequins, grey cashmere and Matt Damon. I am known in the HoF office for owning far too many coats for one person, laughing too loud, and drinking full fat Coke only when hungover. My life's ambition is a simple one; to own a Puggle.

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