Jet off in Style – Our Holiday Packing Video

Holiday packing needn’t be a chore! We’re sharing tips and tricks in our video on how to pack perfectly for a week of sunbathing on the beach…

The Suitcase

                                                                                      MoveLite cabin size


If you’re jetting off for a week on the beach, try and pack lighlty as all you’ll need will be bikinis, a couple of tops, shorts, maxi dresses and all your beauty essentials. Opt for the Linea Movelite suitcase, exceptionally lightweight and specially designed to fit the cabins in airplane which will save you some precious time at the airport!

The Beach Holiday Must – Haves

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Biba Therapy Biba Biba

Pack all your beach essentials from your beach towel to bikinis and simple cover ups. Roll your maxi dresses as shown in the video to maximize the space in your luggage.

The Beauty Essentials

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Urban Decay Nars Aveda

On top of your beauty products, add 3 simple essentials to your make-up bag – a sun care mask that will control any frizzy hair after a day of sunbathing on the beach, a pink lip gloss to keep your lips bright and mosturized, and an eye make-up palette to master a smoky eye for all these summer nights.


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