News Flash: House of Fraser acquires Biba


When the news broke that we had acquired Biba you couldnai??i??t have imagined such excitement, it looked like Christmas had come early. Big grinning smiles and the obligatory silent hand clapping that goes hand in hand with such things was mimicked up and down the office.

Biba will join House of Fraserai??i??s other house brands including Therapy and Linea. Biba was the Topshop of the 60s, and remains sought after by fashion lovers and collectors everywhere. Launched in 1964 by Barbara Hulanicki, Biba defined a generation of wearable yet cutting edge fashion that continues to look on trend even today.

Biba has been recreated a couple of times but without much success. This time it is set to epitomise a new generation. House of Fraser will not only be creating modern day pieces but will also be recreating the archive collections.

Itai??i??s a fashion loverai??i??s dream of silk prints, denims, and maxi dresses. There will be different ranges including Biba Blue for the denims, and Biba Gold for limited edition more expensive pieces.

Talking about this surprising yet wonderful move John King, Chief Executive Officer said:

ai???We have a fantastic new design team who will use the extensive archive to maintain the passion and energy of the original Biba brand. This, coupled with our nationwide store base, makes us confident that House of Fraser is the perfect home for modern-day

Itai??i??s a brave step to rework a much loved iconic brand, but the success of 70s brand Halston shows that with the right direction it can work and be a success. Biba defined a generation and now itai??i??s back with a bang.

The Biba collection will be available from September 2010 and will be exclusive to House of Fraser, it will be stocked online and in 30 select stores.

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