Q&A With Our Latest #FearlessFriday Guest AJ

Our latest #FearlessFriday guest AJ inspired us with her african dress. We caught up with her on all things fearless!

What inspired you to start sewing and making your own clothes?

Well, it all began with my decision to learn to sew. I went through a period during university where I felt a little bit disillusioned with my life so I decided to explore my interests, one if those being fashion. I bought a sewing machine, taught myself to sew, watched design videos and read articles online and eventually all of that evolved into building my brand and online store, where I now sell my designs. I was just trying to find myself and I ended up finding passion and a career

What did you think of the UK fashion when you first moved here as a teen?

When I first moved to the UK, I wasn’t immediately introduced to the fashion scene. As a 14 year old living in South London, the street style was mostly jeans and t-shirts and tracksuits, which I didn’t really enjoy, although I wore it too. I was around 17 when I started reading blogs and fashion magazines, which piqued my interest in the scene and led to me researching British fashion and designers. I love UK fashion and its amazing blend of classic heritage with modern quirkiness. (Read AJ’s blog here)

Are you often told you are a fearless dresser?

I get told quite often that I’m a bold dresser, my friends calk my sense of style crazy and people often say they wouldn’t  attempt some of the outfits I wear, but most of the time, I just get really weird bemused stares.

What advice would you give to some one wanting to try out African prints?

I’d say go for it, find out how to make it work for you. If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend an African print pencil skirt with a white button down shirt and black heels for women or a shirt with print details for men. Start from there and get bigger. Maybe on your try, you could try a full print skirt with a bright coloured jumper and when you’re feeling really confident, a full African print suit. That could be your next Fearless Friday look. (AJ makes and sells African attire here)

Is there anything in your closet you are a little scared to wear?

Not at the moment, but I once ordered a pair of brown loafers off eBay and when they arrived, they were a bright patent orange. I really wasn’t sure about those and was very tempted to return them but I couldn’t be bothered. When I eventually wore them, however, I fell in love with them and they became one of my most abused shoes ever.

Click here to watch the #FearlessFriday video.

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