Summer Flats vs Summer Heels

With it looking like the sun is here to stay (the weather man is now our favourite person – ever), it is time to evaluate your summer wardrobe. Whether you’re a cut off denim shorts kinda girl or a cute flirty floral dress female, shoes are a cert way to completely change an outfit and here, ladies, is where the dilemma lies; flats or heels? Ding, ding, ding, the fight is on…

I_5045362317040_50_20130314Converse Floral Low Trainer I_5052724972762_50_20130304 Bertie Lunda Brogues I_5045361521271_50_20130318Carvela Kascade Sandals
I_5053841063326_50_20130418Pied a Terre Lanikai Block Heels I_5052724839737_50_20130104Dune Boogie Court Shoes I_5050923999344_50L.K. Bennett Corfu Wedge

First Round: Comfort

Flats are PERFECT for those lazy days lounging in the sun with friends; we’re thinking blankets in the park complete with portable speakers, ice creams and a handful of magazines. As easy to wear as they are comfortable (VERY), flats will take you right through the day and long into the night.

Unless you’re a seasoned heel wearer, the mere thought of wearing a pair of sky-scrapers all day strikes the fear into us ladies. They may not be the most sensible shoe, but summer is all about being footloose and fancy free – sling them shoes off when your tootsies feel achey. You’re outfit will be finished off whether you’re wearing the heels or holding them!

Second Round: Style

Heels are the easiest way to add a bit of glamour to any summer outfit. Wedge, block or platform, heels don’t have to be strictly evening wear – especially in the summer. The most perfect, and stylish, tool for elongating legs, the addition of a heel completely changes how you hold and feel about yourself….just watch how many Pimms you have, stumbling over the pub garden path is not a good look.

Flats may not compliment your pins as much, but the effortless look of a gladiator, strappy sandal or canvas flat makes for the most stylish accessory. The easiest way to introduce that summer festival look to your wardrobe is with a summer flat.

Third Round: Versatility

It seems like every weekend in summer there is an event to attend. The races, weddings and birthday shindigs, heels cover all of these bases. Due to the vast selection of styles, a good pair of summer heels can take through all of these events and some more. A heel is the definition of occassion shoe…but may not look so great when trawling through a sea of people to get to the front of the crowd to see your favourite band.

Festival, impromptu pub garden drinks and family BBQ outfits are shouting out for a flat shoe accompaniment. Summer flats are so easy to wear with any outift, you will have to be weened off them come the Autumn months. Easy to just throw on they are the perfect shoe to step in to when running out the door for a summer adventure, not so great when things are to be more prim a proper though.

The Result

It’s a tie. Deciding between heels and flats is always a difficult decision, especially when there is such a variety to chose from. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and style, but before you decide just remember; by rocking them summer heels, it doesn’t mean you have to dismiss summer flats – they are oh so easy to fit into your favourite bag…wear both, we will be.

Alice Carroll

I'm Alice, Al or, if you are the five year old me, Ice (yes, I did want to be a member of Kris Kross, and yes, I did wear my jeans backwards). Womenswear Editor at House of Fraser Online, I've grown out of backwards clothes and instead chose to invest my money in vintage sportswear and bomber jackets, while inking my body with unnecessary tattoos and rapping along to every word of The Streets - Original Pirate Material. My proudest moments were seeing a shoot I styled in my favourite magazine and getting a three-dart-finish in a game of darts. Oh, and Bart Simpson was my first crush.

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