Vogue FNO: 5 Minutes with Mark Fast

Last Thursday night saw the annual Vogue Fashion’s Night out take place at the House of Fraser Oxford Street store. You can read all about it here, but we were especially excited to hear the news that designer Mark Fast would be stopping by to introduce his new collection FAST at Jonathan Aston so we jumped at the chance to catch up with him and chat about his new collection.

Renowned for making knitwear sexy, Mark has teamed up with the brand to create a range of bodies and tights that work with your existing wardrobe. Perfect for adding interest to your everyday look, the range is sexy yet totally wearable.

You’re here tonight to introduce your new collection with Jonathan Aston. Tell us about the collection?

The Collection is called FAST at Jonathan Aston and is something I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. It’s a collection of bodies and fishnets that are perfect for styling up your look and allows you to wear lycra all the time!

What attracted you to work with Jonathan Aston?

When they first approached me, I thought it was a great as they do similar, intricate work with lace and fishnets as I do so I thought it would be good to work with a brand on the high street and make my work a bit more accessible to the market. It’s really great the have things accessible, so when fans see it on the on the runway or on other people they can wear what they see – it’s a great feeling.

How did you approach designing this collection as opposed to your RTW collections?

Well it’s different technology and different manufacturing processes. So making this collection involves using different machines so it becomes a different look altogether. All my pieces in my studio are handmade so there is a big difference.

What attracted you to knitwear design originally?

It was the hosiery and detailing involved in hosiery that I was obsessed with and wanted to emulate in my knitwear. So working with lingerie is bringing it back to the roots of where it all started so working with Jonathan Aston is a great relationship to have.

Being Canadian, what do you think of British and in particular, London style?

I think there is a lot of experimentation here. This is the city where McQueen came from, Galliano came from, that is the energy that I love about this city and that’s what we need to sustain, that freedom of expression. Because that IS London.

And finally, you’re renowned for using a range of women in your shows, but who do you see as the Mark Fast Woman?

Well at the moment I am obsessed with Grace Jones, she is amazing. Amazingly intelligent, free and uncompromising. I would love to see her wearing my designs.

Kate O'Brien

Hi I'm Kate, in a previous life I was Womenswear Editor but these days you are more likely to find me pouring over a planning calendar than the latest copy of Elle in my role as Online Content Producer. A Northern tourist in London, some of my favourite things in life include red wine, chutney (accompanied by cheese), sequins, grey cashmere and Matt Damon. I am known in the HoF office for owning far too many coats for one person, laughing too loud, and drinking full fat Coke only when hungover. My life's ambition is a simple one; to own a Puggle.

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