A Guide to At-Home Style with Vanessa Blair

Dressing up for a day at home can help turn the hallway into a runway. So, in partnership with our friends over at Barbour International, we’ve teamed up with effortlessly stylish model, content creator and interior student, Vanessa Blair, to share some top tips for creating your own original, comfy and cosy at-home style. 


Making a career out of style

The pathway into my career came really naturally. I started getting a few modelling jobs from social media and mixing with different brands. But it was around last May when it all really took off for me! With more clients wanting self-shot content from home, which I could provide, and slowly but surely it became a part-time job.

The power of fashion

Fashion gives me confidence, and a sense of personality. I have loved watching my wardrobe evolve and reflect the person I am today. I also enjoy how free styling can be, and how it can be tailored to whatever mood, or occasion you are dressing for.



Six tips for at-home style

Tip 1: Comfort is key

At home, I am all about comfort, but in a 'put together' kind of way. Yes, I could wear my pyjamas for maximum comfort, but then I never feel as productive. With these BI pieces, it gives you the best of both. The trousers are an ultimate staple, and I love mixing up their sweatshirts and jumpers for a smarter, casual approach to an everyday cosy outfit.

Tip 2: The big three

It’s all about practicality, style, and comfort — three things that go hand-in-hand, and gear you up for anything you need to do at home. Whether doing the laundry, working, or taking a lunchtime Pilates break.

Tip 3: Always pick trousers

Never underestimate the power of a good pair of trousers! Don't get me wrong, I love my jeans, but at home they can be too restricting. And as for my joggers...they unfortunately always bring out my procrastinating side. But trousers are a great go-to and offer that chic update to a simple at-home outfit.


Tip 4: Find your own style

I think it's always hard to be completely original, and that's okay, but try to steer clear of fleeting trends. I believe your own personal style shines when you have a wardrobe which is filled with pieces you ultimately still love. And don't be afraid of experimenting. I can't tell you the amount of outfits I look back and cringe at, but you are always refining your style.

Tip 5: The Barbour International collection

I love how classic and simplistic the collection is, whilst it still feels fresh and contemporary with its attention to detail. It’s ideal for styling at home, as it's the perfect balance of that comfort, practicality and style.

Tip 6: Mix it up

When home life gets stale, get up and try to live out a different routine. I'm not really a creature of habit as my schedule is different day-to-day, but I think it’s this constant change that works. So, I say embrace new hobbies and activities, and mix it up, but don't feel too bogged down if some of them don't stick.

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