10 best men's t-shirts

Admittedly, we wear t-shirts all year round, but spring/summer is where they really come into their own. Being jacket-less is surprisingly liberating but it does mean pressure for your t-shirt to be tip-top. We’ve picked our ten favourites, from graphic tees to logo t-shirts, and with these at your fingertips you’ll look sharp all summer long, guaranteed.


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1. Go bold

Barbour International Steve McQueen™ Enduro T-Shirt


Menswear is no longer fashion’s boring sibling, reserved to a palette of navy and white. And in no way is this better demonstrated than with the graphic tee, which has moved from only for the sartorially brave to modern staple for men everywhere.

Barbour International, Steve McQueen™ Enduro T-Shirt, £25.00


2. Take me there

Moschino Floral T Shirt


If the weather’s not doing its job, sometimes you’ve got to take matters into your own hands, right? This tee brings the sun so even if the weather’s more Bromley than Bali, you’ll feel positively tropical.

Moschino, Floral T Shirt, £70.00


3. Shape shifter

Polo Ralph Lauren Oar Print T Shirt


The all-over print of this tee may seem a little headache-inducing but in fact, it’s the opposite, because it’ll solve many an outfit head-scratcher. It’s cool enough for casual but smart enough for modern workwear, slipped under a coach jacket.

Polo Ralph Lauren, Oar Print T Shirt, £58.00


4. Bright idea

BOSS Curved T Shirt


Essays could be written on the power of a great white t-shirt. But in the same way that that would be boring, this tee makes life a little more exciting with a retro colour pop. Men in pink are achingly cool if you ask us.

BOSS, Curved T Shirt, £32.00


5. Colour in

Wrangler Rainbow T-Shirt


Once the reserve of the wild west, now Wrangler is a street-style favourite. We very much enjoy this retro, rainbow tee that feels like summer 2021 in a bottle.

Wrangler, Rainbow T-Shirt, £15.00


6. With the brand

Champion Tee


A quick scroll through Instagram and it’s pretty hard not to spot a bit of Champion here or there. Our current favourite from the brand, this lime number will make you feel right on the money.

Champion, Tee, £25


7. Bring the party

True Religion Logo T Shirt


What shall I wear to Reading? We hear you ask. The Notting Hill Carnival? June 21st? ‘This tee!’ is the answer, which stands out for all the right reasons and paired with denim shorts, high-tops or sliders is a summer-loving dream.

True Religion, Logo T Shirt, £25.00


8. Back to basics

Levi's Lazy Logo T Shirt Mens


Previously fashion had an obsession with the logo. Now, that logomania has turned to logo rejigging. Here Levi’s turns its logo on its head (almost literally) with a happy 90° shift which gives their iconic emblem a novel new look.

Levi's, Lazy Logo T Shirt Mens, £18.00


9. It's ace

Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon M4 T Shirt


Everyone’s favourite tennis championships are on the horizon, yes Wimbledon. To get into the spirit, don this whimsical tennis-based t-shirt. Pimms in hand, it’ll be almost like you’re in SW19, even if you’re in Shoreditch.

Polo Ralph Lauren, Wimbledon M4 T Shirt, £35.00


10. Fashion heights

The North Face The Simple Dome T Shirt


The North Face has quickly ascended from mountaineering/ outdoorsy brand (the kind you buy for your camping trip and nothing more) to casual brand de jour. Wear now to propel your style quicker than it takes to say 'Snowdonia'.

The North Face, The Simple Dome T Shirt, £22.00