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Whether you’re looking for a new signature scent, a gift for a loved one or just fancy treating yourself, here's our guide to finding the perfect perfume.

Time it right
Did you know your sense of smell and hormone levels are closely linked? Scientists have discovered that when women are in the second half of their cycle their sense of smell is at its most receptive, which makes it prime perfume buying time. 

Location, location, location
Instead of testing different fragrances on your arm, always ask at the counter for some blotters. This means you can write down the names so you don't get confused and you won't end up with a heady, unidentifiable cocktail. 

The waiting game
Fragrance smells very different once its dried down and settled on the skin, so revisit the blotter later to see if you like how it's developed.

Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne
Most perfumes fall into one of three main categories, but what do they all mean? Eau de Parfum has a concentration of between 15% and 20%, Eau de Toilette is lighter with a concentration of between 5% and 15%, while Eau de Cologne is super light at around 4%. Men's fragrance is sometimes referred to as Cologne as a blanket term, just to confuse you even more... 

Ask the experts
Our counter staff know everything there is to know about fragrance and nothing beats experiencing a scent in the flesh. Tell them which scents you like (and which you don't) and if you’re looking for something similar, or fancy a complete change. They'll happily prescribe you the perfect scent or help with tricky gift getting. 

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