How to host a garden party


We’re treating this summer’s royal wedding as an excuse to throw a party celebrating the special relationship between us Brits and our American friends across the pond. And what do we have in common? Red, white and blue, of course. Here’s how to do it, whether you’re team UK or USA.


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The dress up: English garden

Prettify an outdoor table that’s seen better days with a white linen or lace tablecloth, then add flowers in jugs to make the most of spring’s bounty of blooms. If it’s a sit down soirée, don’t forget cushions for each seat – we love pastel shades that are easy to mix and match. 

The goodies: afternoon tea 

There’s more to good old Blighty than finger sandwiches and scones, but they’re traditions that are trotted out for good reason - and bite-sized enough for guests to help themselves. A Victoria sponge cake has a suitably regal heritage, and a fruit-filled jug of Pimms is always a crowd-pleaser. 

The mood-setters: rule Britannia 

We don’t usually decorate with union jacks, but they’re a bit of a must for street party-style bunting, hung above the table or between trees. Break out that best of British playlist, too – think '90s Britpop and seriously feel-good '80s hits – and make sure it’s long enough to last the duration.

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The dress up: stars and stripes

Yep, it’s the other red, white and blue – and there are simple ways to style it so it feels totally different. Take your cue from subtle stars and stripes – on cushions, straws or at the hem of a tablecloth - and forgo frat party-esque red solo cups in favour of these blue-rimmed glasses.

The goodies: servin’ USA

We love the idea of DIY bagels, with filling options laid out for guests to help themselves. Popcorn and chicken wings might not be your usual picnic fare – but we can’t imagine a better excuse to indulge. And to drink? Fill an ice bucket with assorted bottled beer and lay out jugs of ginger ale for non-drinkers.

The mood-setters: easy Americana

Set up your Spotify playlist to include all the American greats - everything from country classics to dancefloor-ready '70s disco – and party on into the evening with fairy lights and lanterns. And to finish? It’s got to be S’mores, melted on a bonfire (or barbecue).

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