The men’s guide to dressing for Wimbledon

The men’s guide to dressing for Wimbledon


Ah, Wimbledon - the sporting event where all of a sudden we become a little bit less interested in the sport and a little more interested in the pursuit of people watching. With so many onlookers, knowing what to wear can be a conundrum – which is where this handy guide on what to wear to Wimbledon comes in.

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If you’re heading to Centre Court, you'll want to look effortlessly pulled together, without any indication you’re trying. Think summer suiting in creams, light blues and greys. Go for a subtle, heritage check and tone down the smart level by switching your shirt for a slim-fit white tee.

Alternatively, play with your pairings. Team your neutral suit jacket with navy trousers and a spotted tie, or a pastel pink or sea green blazer with dark chinos and a white shirt and leave your tie at home. When it comes to your footwear, pick Oxfords, suede Derbys or loafers. Though as a side-note, Stella McCartney’s husband, Alasdhair Willis, looked pretty cool in a light pinstripe suit with white trainers last year.


Got ground tickets? You can afford to have a bit more fun. A short-sleeved shirt in a ditsy print teamed with chinos and loafers will get you on the best dressed list. Last year, actor Nick Blood rocked an apricot shirt, worn open, with a white tee underneath, making a strong case for pastel hues. Plimsolls look great here, as do espadrilles or white sneakers.

Otherwise, go for that failsafe combo of mid or long tailored shorts and a striped tee. Keep it suave though – Pimms and baggy sweats don’t mix so well.


If you’re going to be dabbling in a little tennis yourself, go for signature whites. Channel Lacoste, Fred Perry or Bjorn Borg – all founded by tennis legends, of course.

All eyes will be on SW19. The trophies? They’re up for grabs. The ‘best-dressed’ title? That’s yours.

On the court

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Centre Court

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In the grounds

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The long and the short of packing for a holiday

The long and the short of packing for a holiday 

Packing well for a holiday is a bit of an art form. Some men (we’ve been there too) leave it to the last minute and leg it to check in with a hastily packed case consisting of mismatched outfits and a distinct lack of underwear. This year, don’t be that guy. Be the guy that packs a coordinated ensemble of items that go together and look great whatever the combination, whilst also not taking up too much suitcase space. We’ve devised the perfect capsule holiday wardrobe - so the long and the short of it is, pack the below.


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1. A plain-but-statement tee

Only & Sons Edgar T-Shirt


A striped t-shirt is standout enough to add interest but simple enough to go with a multitude of bottoms. Easy.

Only & Sons, Edgar T-Shirt, £15


2. Smart shorts

Selected Homme Paris Shorts


Look for versatility in the shorts department. A tailored chino pair will look equally at home in the city gallery as by the hotel pool.

Selected Homme, Paris Shorts, £35


3. Cool aviators

Ray-Ban Bronze RB3026 Aviator pilot sunglasses


James Dean, Steve McQueen… take inspiration from the greats and make sure you’ve got a great pair of aviators for vacationing. Ray-Bans are top of our list.

Ray-Ban, Bronze RB3026 Aviator pilot sunglasses, £136


4. Multi-tasking swim shorts

Polo Ralph Lauren Traveller Swim Shorts


You never know what’s going to happen on holiday, right? Be prepared with a pair of swim shorts that you can wear straight from the pool lounger to the bar stool.

Polo Ralph Lauren, Traveller Swim Shorts, £75


5. Summer shoes

Toms Seasonal Venice Classic Espadrille Shoes


All hail the espadrille: the most hardworking summer shoe out there. It manages to look cool beachside and super suave in the city.

Toms, Seasonal Venice Classic Espadrille Shoes, £38


6. Sophisticated trousers

French Connection Machine Gun Stretch Slim Chinos


Risk-takers only take shorts on holiday. Those in the know take stone chinos that they can roll up in the day and roll down if the weather doesn’t do its thing.

French Connection, Machine Gun Stretch Slim Chinos, £59


7. Breezy shirts

Gant Short Sleeve Plain Linen Shirt


Instantly adding class to your holiday ensembles, you’ll be glad you packed a shirt when sunset drinks on the terrace beckon.

Gant, Short Sleeve Plain Linen Shirt, £95


8. Cool backpacks

Barbour Eaden Backpack


Eager to pack as much into your bag as you do a holiday? Then you need a slick rucksack.

Barbour, Eaden Backpack, £75


9. Versatile jackets

AllSaints Amerson Jacket


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but sometimes on holiday it rains and sometimes you need a jacket. This one, though, will brighten up those somewhat less-than-ideal days.

AllSaints, Amerson Jacket, £148


10. Understated hats

The North Face 66 Classic Logo Cap


With a baseball cap, there are two ways to go. One, bold and look-at-me. Two, understated and vintage like this iteration from The North Face.

The North Face, 66 Classic Logo Cap, £20


11. Run-around trainers

Camper Runner Four Perforated Detail Trainers


A quick look at your health app after a day of sightseeing and you’d be surprised by how many steps you’ve just got under your belt. With that in mind, some sturdy trainers are a must.

Camper, Runner Four Perforated Detail Trainers, £99


12. Statement sweats

Fred Perry Sweatshirt


Picture it – a late-night beach trip with your significant other, cosying up under a blanket. The outfit needed: shorts and this sweatshirt.

Fred Perry, Sweatshirt, £80

The festival guide

The festival guide


As much as we love festivals, they can be a bit of a minefield. The mud, the crowds, the booze... and that’s before you even think about what to wear. With limited space, the probability that you'll be getting ready in a tent with little to no room and the need to pack for unpredictable British weather, we've created a handy festival guide. More fun, less faff, guaranteed. 

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The basics 

Festivals are the perfect opportunity to have a little fun with your wardrobe. The printed shirt is the festival hero piece – breezy, lightweight and it can be unbuttoned if the sun comes out to play. Multi-tasking, neutral shorts are, again, your festival sidekick. Avoid denim (we all know how long that takes to dry) and items that look bad if creased.

A bum bag is a must for keeping everything close to hand, secure and leaving hands free for pints and dancing. Track jackets, anoraks and field jackets also do great at festivals. Hats (bucket hats in particular) and great sunglasses are a stylish necessity – plus don’t forget a wattle bottle and that SPF.

The nitty-gritty

Glastonbury or Isle of Wight 

If you’re going to a mainstream festival like Glasto, pick an outfit that reflects the sunny, chilled vibes. You can push the boat out style-wise as everyone else will too. Holographic bum bag and a dash of your girlfriend’s glitter? Go for it.

Port Eliot or Edinburgh Festival Fringe 

For a cultural festival, go for mellow vibes. Pick a sophisticated, printed shirt and pair with classic shorts. Lace up boots will add edge and shades are a must for hours outside. You’ll look totally cultured, we assure you.

Latitude, Wilderness or Green Man

For a countryside festival that’s more chill, go for artsy vibes. Try an outdoorsy jacket, cargo trousers or chinos in earthy tones with a bucket hat thrown in for good festival measure. Now, with the outfit locked down, you can just sit back (or stand up) and enjoy the music. Living your best life right here… 





Port Eliot

Our top picks for pride


Our top picks for pride




Rainbows at the ready people, Pride Month has officially kicked off. This year, Pride parades and celebrations around the world are commemorating 50 years since the Stonewall uprising in 1969 - an event that kickstarted the gay liberation movement and developed into the global fight for LGBT+ rights. So with this year's festivities set to be bigger than ever, we're getting ready to celebrate this milestone in style. Whether you’re taking to the streets for one of many Pride parades around the UK, watching Kylie headline at the Brighton & Hove festival or just plan on donning a rainbow hue or two to show your support, be sure to spread the love in these statement styles.




Summer accessories you need in your life right now

Summer accessories you need in your life right now

As summer hits and the mercury rises, you need some equipment to deal with the impending heat. From hats and sunglasses to festival bags and holiday holdalls, we’ve picked the best men's summer accessories that should make up your hot-weather survival kit (and if ice-cold beers were an accessory, trust us, they’d be on this list).




1. Backed up

Lyle & Scott Rucksack


We know what you’re thinking – you’ve already got a backpack. But is yours in a delectably summery, sorbet shade? Does it combine Scandi minimalism with retro British vibes? No? Didn’t think so.

Lyle & Scott, Rucksack, £50


2. Shady work 

Prada Gold Pr 55Us Irregular Sunglasses


Sunglasses serve two goals: to protect your eyes (a given) and to make every outfit decidedly cooler. Both are wholeheartedly served in this Prada pair. 

Prada, Gold Pr 55Us Irregular Sunglasses, £217


3. Hold on

Barbour Leather Travel Explorer Bag


Summer inevitably involves packing and travelling. Both are a chore but, we’re happy to tell you, made all the more enjoyable with a luxurious, heritage-inspired holdall. Now, where’s that passport…

Barbour, Leather Travel Explorer Bag, £319


4. Comeback kid

Lyle & Scott Bucket Hat


Remember the bucket hat? It’s back and will be sported at festivals up and down the country this summer. Join in with the fun with your own Lyle & Scott variety. 

Lyle & Scott, Bucket Hat, £25


5. A visionary 

Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses


A frustrating (first world) problem is where to put your sunglasses when not wearing them. Ray-Ban has found the solution by turning their iconic Wayfarer style into a foldable design so they can fit neatly into a pocket. Genius. 

Ray-Ban, Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses, £172


6. Waist level

Slydes Crystal Bum Bag


This holographic bum bag says festival like no other. Just the right size for all your essentials, it’s safer and more practical than bulging pockets. We’ll see you on the field…

Slydes, Crystal Bum Bag, £14.99


7. Side order

Penfield Downey Pouch


In honour of everything '80s and '90s, the retro cross-body bag is back in full force. A black iteration will work with all the printed shirts you plan to wear on rotation this summer.

Penfield, Downey Pouch, £40


8. Style win

Barbour Emblem Trilby


Not just the reserve of the races, a trilby is often overlooked for its sportier cousin, the cap. However, with its classy, gentlemanly aesthetic and its practical wide brim, we vote that it deserves to be reconsidered.

Barbour, Emblem Trilby, £35


9. Not peaked yet

Levi's Logo Cap


The hat market is a crowded one and with so many brands, it’s hard to know what to buy. Fortunately, Levi’s offer us a clear favourite by way of this denim number that’ll make stylish double, or triple, denim very easy indeed.

Levi's, Logo Cap, £27.99


10. Cash in

PS By Paul Smith Stripe Logo Card Holder


Nowadays with contactless and cashless, the days of a wallet bursting with notes and receipts are long gone. Choose a leather cardholder that’s minimal on fuss, max on efficiency.

PS By Paul Smith, Stripe Logo Card Holder, £75

The men that inspire our style

The men that inspire our style


Knowing what to wear, for many of us, can be a tricky business, but there are some men that just nail it. For Father’s Day this year, we’ve picked five men deserving of the title ‘male fashion icon’. Get inspired and see what you can learn from our menswear hall of fame…


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James Dean


Steve McQueen

The King of Cool wore everything with confidence. His casual looks oozed a nonchalant appeal, and smart outfits looked polished but - with the addition of his perennial Persol 714 sunglasses - also carefree. His style favourites included neutral chinos, bomber jackets and desert boots. Everything had a clean-lines feel - pared-back and unfussy.

So what can we learn from the man? Invest in great basics. Make sure they fit well, keep colours neutral and mix and match for a wardrobe that always speaks of unassuming sophistication.

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James Dean


James Dean

The legendary Hollywood actor is forever remembered for his effortless cool and the power of a great white t-shirt. Paired with jeans, rugged boots and tortoiseshell shades, it’s a timeless look that’s remained cool ever since.

The red Harrington jacket he wore in Rebel Without a Cause has become iconic in itself. To channel a piece of James Dean’s undeniable cool, pair a black roll-neck with dark trousers, or a plain tee with a leather biker jacket. Thick rimmed shades are a must.

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Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, for all his Hollywood stardom, dresses in a way that’s well, surprisingly normal. It’s normal but it’s also nonchalant. It’s stylish without looking like he’s tried too hard. Always on-point but it’s as if he didn’t know it.

He particularly knows the power of a couple of really well-chosen basics. The perfect Oxford shirt, sleeves effortlessly rolled up, great chinos paired with understated trainers, the white t-shirt, the Harrington jacket.

Our take-home tip from Ryan is choose a minimalist colour palette – navy, khaki, black, stone, white – and pull together thought-out ensembles but then undo them a bit. The jumper slightly rumpled or the jeans looking lived in gives a vibe of easy cool. It’s dad dressing done really well. Great job, Ryan.

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Oliver Cheshire

Oliver Cheshire is a definite part of the menswear fashion elite. Model, street style favourite at London Fashion Week Men’s, and now founder of his own label, he’s a menswear authority with the personal style to match. He’s a master of fun wardrobe pieces that look totally at home, rather than OTT.

He’ll pick a short pink trench, paired with a graphic monochrome top, or a colour-pop, retro varsity jacket. His choices always look sophisticated because he pairs the statement piece with a neutral backdrop. He excels at rocking the Cuban collar shirt, worn open, and teamed with simple, loose shorts. His style is mostly fuss-free, easy on the logos and big on the sophisticated shapes and textures. Slightly preppy, retro and always suave, a pair of great glasses complete the look. 

Our take-home tips? A jumper slung around the neck and textures, like suede, silk, or faux-fur, add a dose of swoonable sophistication.

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Cary Grant

Cary Grant, known for his eternally stylish attire, never in fact considered himself well-dressed. He attributed his sartorial choices to simplicity.

He looked impeccable in suiting. His suits weren’t skinny or overly wide-fitting, but rather a happy middle. In his own words, he went for ‘undisturbing, easy and comfortable’ clothes.

He took the stance of investing in a few great quality pieces rather than a wardrobe of clutter. He knew the power of looking after clothes – creaseless shirts and polished shoes completed his suave look. For casual, he’d pick great knitwear, particularly cardigans, and breezy trousers – worn with one hand nonchalantly tucked in a pocket.

To emulate his style, focus on fit. Get clothes altered so they fit impeccably, invest in a few more expensive pieces and take simplicity seriously. Follow these rules and the title of style icon is yours.

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Gifts that’ll make your father’s day

Gifts that’ll make your father’s day

Dads – as a species – are notoriously tricky to buy for. On top of that, Father’s Day creeps up on us every year meaning more often than not, in a blind panic, we settle for a hastily bought bottle of alcohol and a card and pray he likes it. This year, however, be different. Choose one of our hand-picked gifts from our guide and be surprised by how much he loves it.




1. Keep your cool

Lyle & Scott Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt


Father’s Day falls at the same time as the weather (hopefully) heats up so gifting him a piece of keep-cool kit, like this short-sleeved shirt, will be a lifesaver for upcoming work or rest.

Lyle & Scott, Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt, £50


2. Knot for you 

Paul Smith Tailoring Ditsy Floral Tie


A tie is a classic gift but we would hazard a guess that he already has a number of plain colour ties and a couple of striped or spotty numbers. So, take his tie game up a notch with a botanical print that’s jazzy enough to be different without being OTT.

Paul Smith Tailoring, Ditsy Floral Tie, £100


3. Bottoms up

LSA Islay Whisky Set


He’s probably dreamt about kicking back with a whisky but has he got the glassware to do it right? Luxurious and indulgent, it’s unlikely he’d buy a set like this for himself – providing you with the perfect opportunity to swoop in.

LSA, Islay Whisky Set, £150


4. See clearly

Ray-Ban Silver RB3570 Square Sunglasses


All dads everywhere will appreciate the easy cool that comes with a pair of great sunglasses. The masters of shades, Ray-Ban, make versatile pairs like this one that he might, in fact, not want to ever take off.

Ray-Ban, Silver RB3570 Square Sunglasses, £163


5. On our watch

Links of London Brompton Men's Leather Watch


A watch is more than a watch - it’s an investment, an heirloom, a piece of personal branding. So for a gift that’ll mean a lot, a timeless timepiece is often the best way to go.

Links of London, Brompton Men's Leather Watch, £295


6. Smoke and fire

Gentlemen's Hardware BBQ Multi Tool


Indulge his inner hunter-gather instincts with a nifty barbecue tool that’ll always make him head chef. Pass the ketchup, please…

Gentlemen's Hardware, BBQ Multi Tool, £35


7. Top marks

Gant Sun Bleached Polo Shirt


Polo shirts are pretty much universally flattering and massively versatile. With jeans come weekend, suit trousers for work, and shorts come holidays, they have us sold.

Gant, Sun Bleached Polo Shirt, £75


8. Fancy footwork

Just Sheepskin Donmar Mule Slippers


The granddaddy of classic gifts, the slipper, gives him the perfect excuse for rest and recuperation, which we’re pretty certain he needs. Say goodbye to gifting cold feet.

Just Sheepskin, Donmar Mule Slippers, £65


9. Heaven scent 

Christian Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum 100ml


Notes of vanilla absolute, ambery Ambroxan and Calabrian bergamot are whipped together to make this intoxicating scent. No bathroom cabinet is complete without it.

Christian Dior, Sauvage Eau de Parfum 100ml, £87


10. Hot to handle

Coach Hudson 5 Bag


Luxuriousness is encapsulated in this smart Coach bag that we envisage will make his weekday commute that bit more pleasurable. An optional cross-body strap gives maximum versatility.

Coach, Hudson 5 Bag, £495


11. Make waves

Polo Ralph Lauren Traveller Swim Shorts


Swim shorts may seem a rogue gifting choice but he is certainly going to use them in the upcoming months and if there’s a risk that for himself he might buy a less-than-flattering pair, it’s better for you to jump the gun and gift them.

Polo Ralph Lauren, Traveller Swim Shorts, £75


12. Beautiful brew

Coaltown Black Gold No. 3 Ground Coffee


This small-batch coffee company has a nice backstory (bringing jobs to an ex-mining community) and produces sublime concoctions, like this one, with a chocolatey and biscuit-tasting base.

Coaltown, Black Gold No. 3 Ground Coffee, £9


13. Sock it

Calvin Klein Striped and Solid Ankle Socks


Socks, really? Before you groan, just think – when else is he going to buy them for himself? And as Dumbledore once said, one can always have more.

Calvin Klein, Striped and Solid Ankle Socks, £14


14. Step up

Loakes Goodwork Penny Driver Loafer Shoes


There’s nothing better than the feel of classic, weighty shoes. A loafer like this one, from iconic shoemakers Loake, will work for all the events in his summer diary. 

Loakes, Goodwork Penny Driver Loafer Shoes, £140


15. Grooming hero

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream for Men 30ml


This anti-ageing moisturiser helps make skin plumper, smoother and more shine-free. It’ll be his magic potion if ever he had one.

Elemis, Pro Collagen Marine Cream for Men 30ml, £58


16. Sound advice

Urbanista Tokyo Wireless Ear Pods


We happen to know how to win the ‘best child’ award and it’s with these slick, wireless ear pods. The sound quality and sleek design will be music to his ears.

Urbanista, Tokyo Wireless Ear Pods, £119.99

10 best men’s swim shorts

10 best men’s swim shorts

Summer is calling, the sea is calling, but before you jump straight in, have a quick check of your swim shorts. The same pair you had last year? A little tired? Kind of baggy? We reckon it’s time for a refresh, starting with these stylish pairs. Now we’re talking (or swimming for that matter)…




1. First bloom

Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Floral Swim Shorts


Holiday dressing is a great, no, the best, time to push the boat out style-wise. It’s sunny, dull colours look, well, dull, and there’s an expectation that clothes should be jolly. Printed swim shorts like these can be your toe-in-the-water foray into bolder dressing.

Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo Floral Swim Shorts, £75


2. Blue for you

The North Face The Cass Rapids Shorts


Trunks that hit the knee are ideal for taller guys. This teal pair is classic, versatile and we bet you can’t find us someone on whom this hue would look bad. We're adding these to our basket now...

The North Face, The Cass Rapids Shorts, £45


3. Line up

GANT Seersucker Swim Shorts


With retro seaside vibes reminding us of candy canes, sweet shops and all manner of childhood things, these shorts will look equally good as a grown-up with a crisp summer shirt and beverage in hand. Shades very much encouraged.

GANT, Seersucker Swim Shorts, £60


4. It's a classic

Barbour Coastal Swim Shorts


The coastal print of this Barbour pair is subtle enough to be timeless and ditsy enough to be not your average pair of shorts. Now, where’s that sun lounger?

Barbour, Coastal Swim Shorts, £50


5. Topical tropical 

Bjorn Borg Slyvester Swim Shortss


For smaller guys, you want close-fitting shorts that won’t drown you. These leaf-print ones say ‘look at me’ in the most tropical way possible. Bali will have nothing on you.

Bjorn Borg, Slyvester Swim Shorts, £40


6. The short answer 

Guess Woven Swim Shorts


Bear with us here. While the idea of short shorts may conjure up wannabe body builder images and make you want to run a mile, the reality is they’re in fashion and surprisingly flattering. Hot pink will look good with a burgeoning tan.

Guess, Woven Swim Shorts, £44.99


7. Surf smarter

Ted Baker Ted Geo Midi Swim Shorts


Today swim shorts are, counterintuitively, not just for swimming – they’re for lounging, pool parties, drinks and the like. The way to go, therefore, is with a geo-print pair that says less swim, more gin.

Ted Baker, Ted Geo Midi Swim Shorts, £59


8. On the rocks

Barbour Logo Solid Swim Shorts


Remember when beach breaks weren't just about relaxing? Remember when they were about surfing, rock climbing and massive sand sculptures? Relive your holiday escapades of youth with these outdoorsy shorts.

Barbour, Logo Solid Swim Shorts, £40


9. Sail away 

Polo Ralph Lauren Traveller Swim Shorts


Dreaming of the high life? Sipping Negroni on a yacht, people-watching on a cruise liner, 007 vibes and all that? These printed shorts will put you in just that frame of mind.

Polo Ralph Lauren, Traveller Swim Shorts, £75


10. Purple haze

Luke Sport Chopper Swim Shorts


‘Can I wear purple?’, you wonder. Yes. Yes, you can. The easiest way to introduce this summery hue into your wardrobe is, handily, in swimwear form where a retro colour pop will look totally at home with sliders and shades.

Luke Sport, Chopper Swim Shorts, £40

The no-stress guide to summer weddings

The no-stress guide to summer weddings


Weddings, while being wonderful, are rife with potential social pitfalls. The alcohol, the traditions, the expectations, the relatives and throw into the mix the outfits and the whole thing’s enough to want to retract that RSVP. But don’t fear, for we are here to help with the latter. We’ve pulled together a handy guide for what to wear to summer weddings, so if you’re a key figure or a hastily-invited plus-one, you’ll be guaranteed sartorial success, not stress.


Visit the occasion shop 


The suit

The fit of your suit is of the utmost importance. The classic three-piece suit is a great bet but make sure it fits swimmingly. As this is summer and crowded rooms of drunk people tend to get toasty, consider the fabric. Linen, fresco wool or cotton are all breathable. A patterned shirt does away with the need for a constrictive tie, and a waistcoat can be your best friend for looking sharp sans suit jacket.

In summer you can experiment with colour. Try an eternally debonair neutral, a more daring bright hue or a mellow pastel. If you get too hot, neatly rolled sleeves look sharper than a shirt unbuttoned too far (we know it’s tempting).

The suit, believe it or not, in today’s wedding landscape is not even necessary. Try separates, like a linen blazer, a great shirt and neutral trousers, which provide max on-or-off versatility.

The shoes

If going for a classic three or two-piece, equally classic Oxfords, Derbies or brogues will set it off. Make sure they’re polished and don’t look like you’ve just run from work – your footwear may be judged by distant relatives.

If the fit of your suit is slimmer and more tapered, a loafer is the dream – you could even try a backless suede variety if you’re feeling fancy. While we wholeheartedly approve of trainers for many a situation, for a wedding it’s safest to leave them at home – unless you know it’s a relaxed, modern affair, in which case, you can sport neutral, branding-free kicks.

The accessories

A tie can make or break an outfit. Sometimes it’s tempting to choose a humorous, whimsical one but really, you want to go for classic or modern. A subtle pattern, clashed against a checked suit, looks suave or a slim shape or woven texture with a plain suit is always a winner.

Pocket squares give the opportunity to bring a little something extra to an ensemble. Use them to add a pattern hit (that works tonally with the rest of your outfit), or to introduce a new texture or colour.  

There was a time when a jazzy sock proudly sported under a suit trouser was a fashion statement. But now, these are best worn ironically. Neutral-coloured socks will ensure you keep your best fashion foot forward at all times.

Sunglasses are not always thought of as a wedding essential, but with squinty photos and hours spent in sun-drenched croquet lawns, we advocate that they’re a must. Choose a cool aviator shape or even a slightly more unusual rose hue and wear for easy, unassuming cool – we all want to be that guy. 






How to dress for a wedding in 2019

How to dress for a spring wedding 


At certain periods of life, your summer consists not of said holiday, festival or family trip but rather of a copious amount of weddings. As friends and family get hitched, this can mean a lot of dithering about what to wear. Weddings – and wedding outfits – have changed a lot and today’s rulebook can be a confusing one. So what do you wear to a spring wedding in 2019? Well, we happen to know… 


Visit the occasion shop 



The summer look

We’re declaring 2019 the year of the suit. The Spring/Summer 2019 catwalks were a sonnet to tailoring and more specifically reimagined tailoring. Instead of traditional fits, suits were slouchy and roomy – think dad in an ‘80s office. This look is great for summer weddings. A looser fit has the benefit of breeziness, a built-in air-conditioning if you will. Swap your standard shirt for a t-shirt, tucked in, or a micro checked shirt. Black can look poorly dressed funeral director-esque so go for a grey with a slight sheen.

In other catwalk news, suits of varied colourways took to the floor. Sugary pastels, stone and even neon brights made an appearance. This is a brilliant look to channel full summer vibes.

The modern look

At the same time that fluid suits are a trend, tailoring has also gone close-cut. The rules of suit trousers hitting your shoes are no longer mandatory, but rather trousers tapered above the ankle with summer's very favourite shoe, the loafer, is the modern way to wear suiting. Here a shirt is not needed – try a graphic tee, choosing one that incorporates the hue of your suit. Not only does this say contemporary but it’s super practical for balmy summer days too. Excellent. 






10 best men's t-shirts

10 best men's t-shirts

Admittedly, we wear t-shirts all year round, but summer is where they really come into their own. Being jacket-less is surprisingly liberating but it does mean pressure for your t-shirt to be tip-top. We’ve picked our ten favourites, from graphic tees to logo t-shirts, and with these at your fingertips you’ll look sharp all summer long, guaranteed.


Shop T-Shirts


1. Go bold

Diesel Abstract Neon Logo T Shirt


Menswear is no longer fashion’s boring sibling, reserved to a palette of navy and grey. And in no way is this better demonstrated than with the graphic tee, which has moved from only for the sartorially brave to modern staple for men everywhere.

Diesel, Abstract Neon Logo T-Shirt, £45


2. Take me there

Polo Ralph Lauren Polo AOP Tee


If the weather’s not doing its job, sometimes you’ve got to take matters into your own hands, right? This tee brings the sun so even if the weather’s more Bromley than Bali, you’ll feel positively tropical.

Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo AOP Tee, £75


3. Shape shifter

Calvin Klein Jeans AOP Mono T-Shirt


The all-over print of this tee may seem a little headache-inducing but in fact, it’s the opposite, because it’ll solve many an outfit head-scratcher. It’s cool enough for casual but smart enough for modern workwear, slipped under a coach jacket.

Calvin Klein Jeans, AOP Mono T-Shirt, £45


4. Bright idea

Hymn Placement Tee


Essays could be written on the power of a great white t-shirt. But in the same way that that would be boring, this tee makes life a little more exciting with a retro, stencil-esque print. Achingly cool if you ask us.

Hymn, Placement Tee, £30


5. Colour in

Wrangler Rainbow T-Shirt


Once the reserve of the wild west, now Wrangler is a street-style fave. We very much enjoy this retro, rainbow tee that feels like summer 2019 in a bottle.

Wrangler, Rainbow T-Shirt, £29.99


6. With the brand

Champion Chest Logo T-Shirt


A quick scroll through Instagram and it’s pretty hard not to spot a bit of Champion here or there. Our current favourite from the brand, this rusty orange number, will make you feel right on the money. 

Champion, Chest Logo T-Shirt, £25


7. Bring the party

Armani Exchange AX Block Logo Tee


What shall I wear to Creamfields? We hear you ask. The Notting Hill Carnival? Glastonbury? ‘This tee!’ is the answer, which stands out for all the right reasons and paired with denim shorts, high-tops or sliders is a party-going dream.

Armani Exchange, AX Block Logo Tee, £40


8. Back to basics

Levi's Lazy Logo T-Shirt


Previously fashion had an obsession with the logo. Now, that logomania has turned to logo rejigging. Here Levi’s turns its logo on its head (almost literally) with a happy 90° shift which gives their iconic emblem a novel new look.

Levi's, Lazy Logo T-Shirt, £25


9. It's ace

Nicce Tape Sholder Colour Block T-shirt


Everyone’s favourite tennis championships are on the horizon, yes Wimbledon. To get into the spirit, don this whimsical tennis-based t-shirt. Pimms in hand, it’ll be almost like you’re in SW19, even if you’re in Shoreditch.

Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo Wimbledon T-Shirt, £69


10. Fashion heights

The North Face The Short Sleeve Easy T-Shirt Men's


The North Face has quickly ascended from mountaineering/ outdoorsy brand (the kind you buy for your camping trip and nothing more) to casual brand de jour. Wear now to propel your style quicker than it takes to say 'Snowdonia'.

The North Face, The Short Sleeve Easy T-Shirt Men's, £25

Your summer event guide

Your summer event guide


This summer is set to be a cracker. But with a dizzying amount of events going on and invites flying left, right and centre, knowing what to wear to said event can be a troublesome process. So to help out, we’ve pulled together a foolproof guide. Consider this your hot-weather handbook…


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Wimbledon is as much an opportunity for people-watching as it is watching tennis itself, so the pressure for what to wear can be high. We recommend summery smart-casual: a great shirt, stone chinos, summery loafers, and the almost obligatory shades. Leave all-white to the pros and go for neutral colours. This is not the place for peacocking – who knows who you might run into?

Work do

Is it just us or as soon as summer hits, does your calendar go haywire? Work drinks, functions, lunches and the like mean it can be hard to get any actual work done. What’s more, sometimes choosing something that'll work from desk to do is more hard work than the event itself. We recommend a great, short-sleeved shirt in a print or subtle pastel shade. Team it with summery suit trousers, chinos or, if your office dress code so allows, tailored chino shorts. Minimalist trainers are helpful if running to and from venues and so is a leather backpack.


It comes as no surprise that a quintessentially English event calls for a preppy outfit. Try a blazer, a short-sleeved shirt, and slim, tailored shorts. A polo shirt is another obvious choice – but steer clear of white jeans and a white polo unless you want to be mistaken for a player. Keep colours neutral and summery and natural fibres will be more breathable which is a definite winner. Boat shoes look great here – smart but still carefree and breezy.



What to wear to Wimbledon


What to wear to the work do

The only workwear guide you’ll ever need

The only workwear guide you'll ever need


Apparently, we spend a third of our lives at work, which sounds like a scary amount of time. If we’re going to spend that long at our desk, we might as well look good doing it, right? This is where our handy guide comes in. With the days of white-collar dressing long gone, modern-day workwear gives you the freedom to dress up, dress down and embrace your personal style. Follow our guide to the new ways to do 9-5 dressing and those hours at work will fly by. 

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The new smart 

Despite the dramatic casualization of workwear generally, some professions still dictate that you look, well, smart. Just when you thought, especially with fashion’s obsession with streetwear of late, that you could throw out the suit, think again. The spring/summer catwalks were a love letter to tailoring.

When it comes to suits, a wardrobe of four great ones is a good shout: a classic navy and black two-piece, a three piece in a heritage check and a charcoal suit in a slimmer, slightly more modern fit. Don’t scrimp on quality, these are going to last you. It’s best to rest your suit for a day or two in between each wear as well.

Shoes are of the utmost importance here (judging a man by his shoes and all that). With your navy suit, black, rich brown or cognac Oxfords or Derbies look great. With your black suit, stick to black shoes. With a grey, heritage suit, opt for dark brown, maroon or black shoes and with your charcoal number, black or burgundy will set it off.

Ties, watch, cufflinks… again go for quality and modern. Smart no longer means stuffy. 




The new smart-casual

Smart-casual used to be a minefield and often the kerfuffle led us to regrettably the same dark jeans and shirt awkwardly tucked in or the suit sans tie that you’d rather forget. Today smart-casual is an invitation to options aplenty.

Our hero pieces? Number one, the tapered trousers. Suit style trousers, cropped, with a great fitting tee tucked in and smart sneakers is a sartorial winner.

Number two, the shacket (shirt-jacket) or utility jacket paired with great knitwear. On that subject, knitwear is the smart-casual dream. A luxurious roll neck, or a fine crew neck under a suit jacket, is one of those not-so-secret style secrets.

Number three, a trench. This coat is the genius springtime stalwart for all weathers.

Number four, deconstructed suits. Oversized, loose jackets in light fabrics a la the spring/summer catwalks say not too smart, not too casual.



The new casual

The prospect of a casual or ‘dress code free’ workplace may induce a sigh of relief. But before you pull out your seen-better-days sweatshirt, remember, casual workwear also means class. Generally speaking, keep cuts tailored and quality high. Think a denim jacket, chunky knitwear, heavy cord trousers and great sneakers. Alternatively, go for mid wash, straight jeans, a retro tee, trainers and chunky socks, or a clean-line tee, chinos and loafers.

The great news is you can show your personality, the bad news is don’t go overboard. Intro trends – such as neon or bulbous sneakers – while keeping the rest of your outfit crisp and on-point. The coolest guy in the office? We’re now looking at you.


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10 best men’s summer shirts

10 best men’s summer shirts

While summer wardrobes gone by may have been all about the t-shirt, for 2019, the summer shirt is taking over. Take your cues from dads in Hawaiian shirts the world over and embrace tropical prints, hot florals and ‘90s tie-dye this year. And for those feeling less adventurous, softer yellows and breezy stripes are also on offer. Keep reading for our pick of the best men’s summer shirts that’ll get your warm-weather wardrobe all ironed out. 


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1. Mellow yellow

Lyle & Scott Lyle Resort Linen Short Sleeve Shirt


In a deft move, this shirt ticks the retro ‘90s trend, which is officially A Thing this summer, and the uplifting sun-in-a-bottle look is the very reason to wear a summery shirt in the first place. We’re voting with our wallet.

Lyle & Scott, Lyle Resort Linen Short Sleeve Shirt, £65


2. One of a kind

IZOD Island Short Sleeve Shirt


The trick with summer shirting is not looking like every other guy at said festival and no way is that easier than with a printed shirt that’s exclusive to us. IZOD – the classic American brand – has hopped straight to House of Fraser in a UK only so you can own this shirt before everyone else does. Winner.

IZOD, Island Short Sleeve Shirt, £40


3. Stripe right

Jack Wills Heton Grandad Collar Stripe Shirt


Striped shirts, carelessly half tucked, or even more carelessly on the baggy side, featured heavily in the Spring/Summer 2019 catwalks. In real life, the trend has a slight tendency to look not so much high fashion as highly forgetful, so we recommend a toe-in-the-water approach to this one. Choose a loose but still elegant striped shirt with a nonchalant granddad collar.

Jack Wills, Heton Grandad Collar Stripe Shirt, £59.95


4. Jungle display

Ted Baker Short Sleeved Jungle Print Cotton Shirt


The saying ‘fashion is art’ is immortalised in this delightful teal shirt, the print of which could well feature in the fauna section of your local museum – which is always a good thing, trust us. Pair with chinos when you’re working hard and dark denim when you’re hardly working.

Ted Baker, Short Sleeve Jungle Print Cotton Shirt, £89


5. Think again 

Diesel Jeans Short Sleeve All Spike Shirt

The patterned shirt doesn’t have to be a weekend-only joy, but rather, add a little printed magic into your daily get-ups with a work-appropriate geometric print. If work itself gets boring, you can always ponder whether your shirt is white with a black pattern or black with a white pattern and other such sartorial musings.

Diesel Jeans, Short Sleeve All Spike Shirt, £80


6. Bloomin' lovely

Original Penguin Short Sleeve Floral Shirt


Ah, the botanical shirt. The one that slipped from the back of the costume store to Instagram feeds in a matter of summers. Go bold or go home, right? If, like us, you live by that mantra, choose this standout, colour-popping number that’ll make even the ‘gram light up.   

Original Penguin, Short Sleeve Floral Shirt, £65


7. Dip and dunk

Farah Vintage Matthias Short Sleeve Shirt


Everyone’s favourite ‘90s throwback, tie-dye, is back in a big way this summer. If tie-dye itself feels a bit too much then we recommend a touch of ombre which will bring that breezy, nostalgic style to your ensembles in a more sophisticated way.

Farah Vintage, Matthias Short Sleeve Shirt, £70


8. Pretty parrot 

Levi's Parrot Shirt


A prime example of the perfect Cuban collar shirt, this Levi’s number is a) bright b) cool c) features a whimsical parrot character which, to be honest, is exactly what we’re looking for in a look-at-me and then look closer statement shirt. Wear on repeat.

Levi's, Parrot Shirt, £45


9. Hey bud

PS By Paul Smith Large Flower Short Sleeve Shirt


This shirt is your printed shirt but on mute. Beautifully toned-down, the painterly flower print is subtle enough for work events but interesting enough that you’ll never be accused of being a wardrobe wallflower.

PS By Paul Smith, Large Flower Short Sleeve Shirt, £125


10. Join the dots

Armani Exchange Dot Shirt


Summer in the office, let’s face it, can be grim. While you may stare longingly out the window, let not your wardrobe be another hot-weather regret by choosing a cool, breezy shirt. A geometric pattern makes going sans tie feel totally natural and can be paired as easily with chinos as with tailored shorts if your office dress code so allows.

Armani Exchange, Dot Shirt, £75

10 best men’s bags


Never has there been a better time to be a man with stuff. For bags, folks, are having a moment and things have moved on a lot since the days of Joey Tribbiani’s man bag. From totes to cross-body bags and lunch boxes, the spring/summer 2019 men’s catwalks were a love letter to the bag – and it’s a romance we’re fully on board with. 



1. The belt bag

Eastpak Springer Bag


It’d have been pretty hard to miss the humble bum bag’s meteoric rise to fashion stardom. Now it’s a struggle to go to certain enclaves of town without spotting a bum bag or two. Worn in the traditional way or slung casually round the neck, they’re the quickest way to go from normal to ‘fashun’.

Eastpak, Springer Bag, £20


2. The smart backpack

Coach Kennedy Backpack


Where once the backpack was school boy’s territory, now it’s a decidedly more grown-up affair. Practical, roomy and surprisingly sophisticated, a sleek rucksack is the modern man’s commuting sidekick. Our hands down personal favourite? A black leather iteration.

Coach, Kennedy Backpack, £495


3. The classic briefcase

Coach Hudson 5 Bag


It doesn’t get more old school, more Hollywood-esque than a suit and a great briefcase. The weighty hardware, the textured leather, the handles… there’s a lot to love about such an iconic piece of menswear kit. Add a long-handled umbrella to get full Gene Kelly vibes.

Coach, Hudson 5 Bag, £450


4. The pouch

Aspinal Zipped Laptop Case


The pouch (or pouchette, muche, murse, whatever you like to call it) has had an official makeover. No longer your girlfriend’s clutch bag, a leather pouch is the sleekest way to carry your clobber and look pretty sophisticated in the process.

Aspinal, Zipped Laptop Case, £350


5. The outdoorsy backpack

The North Face Borealis Backpack


Fulfilling our penchant for technical gear and neon brights, this North Face backpack is precisely the kind of geek-turned-chic we like. Super roomy for all your gear, it’ll fit everything from your headphones to your gym kit, so you’re sure to feel thoroughly backed up.

The North Face, Borealis Backpack, £100


6. The streetwear cross-body

Herschel Cruz Crossbody


The spring/summer 2019 catwalks were awash with small cross-body bags. Some, worn high up, had hapless tourist vibes (exhibit A: Fendi) which renewed our enthusiasm for dad-dressing. Get in on the trend now with a retro camera bag.

Herschel, Cruz Crossbody, £35


7. The luxe bum bag

NICCE Core Reflective Bum Bag


Follow A$AP Rocky, Jared Leto et al and grab yourself a bum bag if you haven’t already. This one’s kind of luxe, kind of flash, which we quite enjoy. It says weekend errands but ‘make it fashion’.

NICCE, Core Reflective Bum Bag, £20


8. The city/country backpack 

Barbour Whitby Backpack


Sometimes after the hustle; and pollution; and self-service checkouts; and hurried flat whites, we crave a bit of the countryside. Thankfully, this Barbour beauty will bring a breath of fresh air to your daily tube kerfuffle.

Barbour, Whitby Backpack, £129


9. The weekender

NICCE, Barrel Bag


Killing two birds with one stone, the weekend bag is a multitasking dream for it’s both a bag for weekend getaways (naturally) and a great gym bag. Nice.

NICCE, Barrel Bag, £32


10. The canvas roll-top bag

Stighlorgan Ronan Canvas Laptop Bag


With utilitarian, Scandi vibes, a roll top backpack is minimal without being clinical, cool without trying too hard. It may require a bit of extra work getting stuff out of it but the effort is worth it, trust us.

Stighlorgan, Ronan Canvas Laptop Bag, £140


11. The tote

AllSaints Holt Tote Bag


In a bit of a fashion evolution, the tote has become bona fide legitimate hand luggage for men. The only thing needed to pull it off? Confidence. This leather version is super smart and just the right size. We’re sold on it, totes.

AllSaints, Holt Tote Bag, £248


12. The camo rucksack

Eastpak Macnee Backpack


For a fabric designed to blend in, this backpack paradoxically stands out. With its retro, grunge styling and cool, functional design, it’s a must for the urban jungle. Tarzan would be proud.

Eastpak, Macnee Backpack, £55


13. The messenger

Aspinal Shadow Messenger


The humble satchel has been around in menswear for donkey’s years. It’s got somewhat of a reputation for school kid vibes but use this to your advantage. The cheeky, happy-go-lucky vibes will take you anywhere.

Aspinal, Shadow Messenger, £495


14. The It brand bag

Champion Small Messenger Bag


As seen on, well, everyone, get in on the brand the Instagram set are sporting now with a messenger bag that feels very de jour. It’s practical, handy and will make you feel like a fashion champ, which is always a good thing.

Champion, Small Messenger Bag, £16

Dad jeans and other denim stories


Of all the items in our wardrobes, jeans are most certainly the most reliable, which is why you need a denim wardrobe all of its own. Finding a pair of jeans that look and feel good, however, can be a tricky affair, so to help you out we’ve picked the best eight pairs to wear now and well into summer. 




Tommy Hilfiger Relaxed Cropped Randy Jeans


The best way to wear denim in 2019? Boxy, straight cut jeans in a mid or light wash. Precisely the kind of normcore designers are loving right now, if they look like the type of thing you can picture your dad wearing in his youth heyday, you’ve got it.

TOMMY JEANS, Relaxed Cropped Randy Jeans, £45



LEVI'S 511 Slim Fit Jeans Mens


In the same thread as dadcore comes turn-ups. With comfortingly nostalgic, geek chic vibes, a turn-up is ideal for exposing a tanned ankle or a trendy chunky sock. See Valentino’s spring/summer catwalk for style notes.

LEVI'S, 511 Slim Fit Jeans, £85



Tommy Hilfiger 1951 Malbri Baggy Tommy Jeans


Where once a rip in your jeans would have signalled warning bells and a needle and thread, today it’s almost hard to think jeans without thinking rips. Relaxed and edgy, you need to tread the line carefully as too threadbare can look like you’re trying too hard a few carefully placed rips are all that’s needed.

Tommy Hilfiger, 1951 Malbri Baggy Tommy Jeans, £90



Tommy Hilfiger Stretch Jeans


Paying homage to the ‘90s, grey jeans are your new summer must-have. Pair with a colour-block tee, chunky trainers and ribbed socks for a welcome sartorial trip down memory lane.

Tommy Hilfiger, Stretch Jeans, £115



Armani Exchange J13 Slim Fit Black Jeans


The closest member of the denim family to smart clothing, no wardrobe is complete without a pair of great black jeans. With a shirt come dinner, a low-key graphic tee come drinks, blacks jeans have got legs (excuse the pun).

Armani Exchange, J13 Slim Fit Black Jeans, £90



French Connection 72 Denim Stretch Regular Fit Jeans


Fulfilling all our dadcore wishes in one fell swoop, straight leg jeans are our particular favourite this season. Running straight down through the leg, they’re the retro fit that feels very now. Baggy, dare we say, is no bad thing.

French Connection, 72 Denim Stretch Regular Fit Jeans, £75



AllSaints Cigarette Skinny Jeans


Skinny jeans are now a denim stalwart. Steer clear of skin-tight – a crease or a rumple here or there is a good thing and gives jeans a worn-in, effortless look. Complete with trainers or Chelsea boots if the weather isn’t on your side.

AllSaints, Cigarette Skinny Jeans, £98



Diesel Jeans Tepphar TJ Jeans


Playing the middle ground, slim fit jeans – narrow from the knee to the ankle – are the ones you want when skin-tight feels too out-there but you’re still hankering for a streamlined look. Sitting on the fence has, quite frankly, never looked so good.

Diesel Jeans, Tepphar TJ Jeans, £140



Diesel Jeans DEETAR Mens Jeans


‘Tapered? What are tapered?’ we hear you cry. Roomier around the thighs, tapering down to a skinny ankle, this fit is a super flattering all-rounder. With room to move, they’re ideal for shape without the restrictions.




Gant Slim Jeans Mens


White jeans sometimes have a bad reputation, but unfairly so, we hasten to add, for a boxy shape paired with loafers has easy summer style written all over it. Err on the side of a looser fit for a more Riviera than reality TV look.

Gant, Slim Jeans, £100