The no-stress guide to summer weddings

The no-stress guide to summer weddings


Weddings, while being wonderful, are rife with potential social pitfalls. The alcohol, the traditions, the expectations, the relatives and throw into the mix the outfits and the whole thing’s enough to want to retract that RSVP. But don’t fear, for we are here to help with the latter. We’ve pulled together a handy guide for what to wear to summer weddings, so if you’re a key figure or a hastily-invited plus-one, you’ll be guaranteed sartorial success, not stress.


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The suit

The fit of your suit is of the utmost importance. The classic three-piece suit is a great bet but make sure it fits swimmingly. As this is summer and crowded rooms of drunk people tend to get toasty, consider the fabric. Linen, fresco wool or cotton are all breathable. A patterned shirt does away with the need for a constrictive tie, and a waistcoat can be your best friend for looking sharp sans suit jacket.

In summer you can experiment with colour. Try an eternally debonair neutral, a more daring bright hue or a mellow pastel. If you get too hot, neatly rolled sleeves look sharper than a shirt unbuttoned too far (we know it’s tempting).

The suit, believe it or not, in today’s wedding landscape is not even necessary. Try separates, like a linen blazer, a great shirt and neutral trousers, which provide max on-or-off versatility.

The shoes

If going for a classic three or two-piece, equally classic Oxfords, Derbies or brogues will set it off. Make sure they’re polished and don’t look like you’ve just run from work – your footwear may be judged by distant relatives.

If the fit of your suit is slimmer and more tapered, a loafer is the dream – you could even try a backless suede variety if you’re feeling fancy. While we wholeheartedly approve of trainers for many a situation, for a wedding it’s safest to leave them at home – unless you know it’s a relaxed, modern affair, in which case, you can sport neutral, branding-free kicks.

The accessories

A tie can make or break an outfit. Sometimes it’s tempting to choose a humorous, whimsical one but really, you want to go for classic or modern. A subtle pattern, clashed against a checked suit, looks suave or a slim shape or woven texture with a plain suit is always a winner.

Pocket squares give the opportunity to bring a little something extra to an ensemble. Use them to add a pattern hit (that works tonally with the rest of your outfit), or to introduce a new texture or colour.  

There was a time when a jazzy sock proudly sported under a suit trouser was a fashion statement. But now, these are best worn ironically. Neutral-coloured socks will ensure you keep your best fashion foot forward at all times.

Sunglasses are not always thought of as a wedding essential, but with squinty photos and hours spent in sun-drenched croquet lawns, we advocate that they’re a must. Choose a cool aviator shape or even a slightly more unusual rose hue and wear for easy, unassuming cool – we all want to be that guy. 






How to make your beauty routine more sustainable

How to make your beauty routine more sustainable

As the climate change crisis continues, we're looking at our beauty routines to see how we can make a difference. From using sustainable beauty products with eco-friendly packaging and ingredients to eliminating certain things altogether, here's how you can do your bit for the planet. 

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1. Ditch the face wipes

Elemis Cleansing Balm


You’ve heard it before but we’ll say it again: stop using face wipes. Not only are they one of the least effective ways of cleansing, but they also take up to 100 years to break down in landfill. Try using a flannel with a balm or liquid cleanser instead. A little bit of the Elemis Pro Cleansing Balm goes a long way and removes all traces of makeup while nourishing your skin.

Elemis Cleansing Balm, £43


2. Choose eco-friendly packaging 

BYBI Babe Balm


As well as producing vegan products, BYBI uses only 100% recyclable packaging. Babe Balm comes in a biodegradable tube made from sugar cane and it'll look great in your bathroom too. Cruelty-free beauty brand Aveda also ensures its packaging is made using as much post-consumer recycled materials as possible, and Dior has removed all cellophane and cardboard wedges from its products.

BYBI Babe Balm, £18


3. Recycle when you can

Clarins Double Serum


According to Recycle Now, “almost 90% of people in the UK claim to regularly recycle from the kitchen, while only 52% say they regularly recycle from the bathroom.” That’s a lot of beauty packaging going to waste. Any glass or plastic packaging can be recycled, just make sure the containers are empty and clean before disposing of them, as any remnants can contaminate other recyclables.

Clarins Double Serum, £58


4. Buy ethically-sourced formulas

La Mer


The famous La Mer miracle broth used in their skincare products contains only sustainably-sourced sea kelp to help preserve ocean resources. The luxury brand also supports ocean habitats through donations. Another reason to splash out on a Moisturizing Cream, if ever we needed one.

La Mer The Moisturizing Cream, £345


5. Make use of brand schemes



Kiehl’s has a loyalty card scheme where you’ll receive a free travel-sized product once you’ve returned 10 empties to one of their stores. Origins will also recycle your cosmetics, accepting empty containers from any beauty brand.

Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, £38


6. Try multi-tasking products

NARS The Multiple


Fewer products equal less packaging. There are so many multi-purpose products that are as good if not better than their singular counterparts. We love NARS The Multiple which can be used on your lips, eyes and cheeks.

NARS The Multiple, £30

Best newborn essentials

Best newborn essentials

The birth of the royal baby has got us feeling seriously broody. So, in honour of the new arrival, we’ve picked 12 newborn staples perfect for any new arrival. Whether you’re buying as a gift or you’re a new parent yourself, these essentials are utterly adorable and ideal for the new prince or princess in your life. Welcome to the world little one.




1. Dungaree dude

Absorba Baby Boy Dungarees


These dungarees are a) super cute b) perfect for summer c) would look great with your own chambray ensemble.

Absorba, Baby Boy Dungarees, £27.93


2. Sweet dreams

Polo Ralph Lauren Baby Boys Teddy Blanket


Super snuggly, this Ralph Lauren teddy bear blanket is a classic gift for good reason. We’re big fans.

Polo Ralph Lauren, Baby Boys' Teddy Blanket, £49


3. Mess, what mess?


Keep little one’s outfits clean and dry with the help of some very useful bibs. These are fun and modern all at the same time. Winner.

Absorba, Newborn Unisex Bibs, £18


4. Key kit

Minene Unisex Supersize Swaddling Muslin

Muslins are very handy. An extra large one? Indispensable. This one comes with a cute matching case making it not only a practical gift but a pretty one too.

Minene, Unisex Supersize Swaddling Muslin, £13


5. In short

Carrement Beau Baby Girls Blue Denim Short Overalls


Combining girly frills with versatile denim and a cool, shorts shape, this might just become your favourite baby all-in-one.

Carrement Beau, Baby Girls' Blue Denim Short Overalls, £39


6. Cute critters

Graham & Brown Winnie the Pooh Foam Elements


Baby’s room will look all the more brighter with the help of a couple of cheery, recognisable characters.

Graham & Brown, Winnie the Pooh Foam Elements, £12.50


7. Hands in

Absorba Newborn Unisex Mittens


Mittens are an essential. It’ll be hard to believe quite how small and heart-meltingly cute these are.

Absorba, Newborn Unisex Mittens, £7


8. Top it off

Polarn O Pyret Babies PoP Stripe Helmet Hat


Swedish brand, Polarn O. Pyret, know exactly how to make functional – and beautiful – kidswear. This hat is a case in point.

Polarn O. Pyret, Babies Po.P Stripe Helmet Hat, £7.50


9. Little steps

Absorba Newborn Babies Socks Gift Box


Baby feet need the softest socks and this gift set comes, handily, with pairs in four versatile colour ways. Perfect.

Absorba, Newborn Babies Socks Gift Box, £22


10. Check, please

Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Girls' Gingham Bubble All-in-one


Our favourite look at the moment? Heritage. This gingham all-in-one is an easy shortcut for channelling that vintage vibe.

Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo Girls' Gingham Bubble All-in-one, £69


11. Under cover

AllSaints Holt Tote Bag


Maximise the potential for sleep with a luxurious sleeping bag that will regulate body temperature. Anti-scratch mittens and detachable arms makes this one thoroughly practical.

Puckababy, The Bag Newborn, £59.99


12. In the bag

Emporio Armani Emporio Changing Bag


Armani Junior nails form and function with this changing bag. Timeless and sleek, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was your usual cross-body.

Emporio Armani, Emporio Changing Bag, £165 

Best wedding outfits for kids

Best wedding outfits for kids

Weddings can be stressful at the best of times. What to wear, trying not to be late, a sea of distant relatives you can’t quite remember the name of… and that’s before you add kids into the mix. For a day that spares tears and tantrums, picking cool and comfortable kids’ clothing is essential – but you also want clothes that look adorably cute. We’ve done some browsing for you and reckon these kids’ outfits are the ones that’ll win come the big day. Now just to get them to stand still for the family photo…


1. Dress code

Carrement Beau Gold Sleeveless Ceremony Dress


Champagne is often in order at weddings but in no way is this more useful than in kids’ clothes, where white and cream are distinct disaster territory but champagne is the user-friendly alternative. Cheers to that.

Carrement Beau, Gold Sleeveless Ceremony Dress, £95


2. Suits you

Howick Junior Tuxedo Jacket


For full mini-me style, it doesn’t get more matchy-matchy than a suit. This one will look adorable and the black shouts sophistication. Add a cute tie and he’ll feel part of the gang of ushers.

Howick Junior, Tuxedo Jacket, £42


3. Totally tropical

Catimini Girls Dress


Universally acknowledged to be summer’s most summery pattern, the tropical print is a no-brainer for weddings. Cute and super comfy, this Catimini dress is a wedding guest dream.

Catimini, Girls' Dress, £71


4. In short

Emporio Armani Chino Shorts


Shorts to a wedding may seem an unorthodox choice but chino ones like this can look super smart. Pair with a blazer and an Oxford shirt or polo and he’ll look utterly adorable – and stay cool which is often a worry.

Emporio Armani, Chino Shorts, £80


5. Over the top

Absorba Baby Girls' Silver Cardigan


Marquees, cavernous churches and late parties mean layers are required. Glistening silver works with a myriad of colours underneath and has great cost-per-wear as she can wear it long after the wedding.

Absorba, Baby Girls' Silver Cardigan, £37


6. Check mate

Hackett Long Sleeved Gingham Shirt


In a delectably summery hue, this shirt makes the perfect occasion piece. Team with navy chinos and brown shoes for a classic look made modern by the addition of one contrasting button. It’s all in the detail…

Hackett, Long Sleeved Gingham Shirt, £60